Monday, October 6, 2008

Vacation Night One

Howdy folks!  The universe is a teeny thing, ya know?  You can be walking down the street in Times Square, husband clutching your arm like a fever-fueled zombie-man and BOOM! That's when you hear it:

"OH MY GAWD!  IS THAT HOLLLLLLY?!"  Sure enough, Erica, Melissa, two gals I went to high school with in Ona, WV, and another friend were standing in the doorway of Bubba Gump's.   How funny is that?!  We're HOURS away from WV and I run into a gal I've known since neon capris were popular the first time around!   

They were here to see Madonna but came a day too early and were just seeing the sights.  

Harry looked a bit scared but managed to snap a pic of us hanging out in Times Square...

Which will be posted later.

We're back in the room now as it's been a long day followed by the shock and awe of having a room in the Hilton over looking the plays in Time Square and then going to Bar Americain for dinner which wasn't too bad but waaaay overpriced considering my favorite dish was the side of spicy chips and warm blue cheese sauce...

So - off to bed we go!

Tomorrow we will venture underground to the ubercreepy subway and then off to find a comic book store that's supposed to be really neat-o and a book store that's supposed to be 8 blocks long!  I'm sooo happy - I'll be like a fat kid in a candy store.  Then again, I was a fat kid in a candy store today when we stopped in Hershey, PA today and had horrible food, horrible chocolate and just an overall horrible experience.  The fun-loving Reese cup man that greeted us from atop the building, smiling his welcoming plastic smile, seemed to mock us for wasting our time as we grumbled toward the parking lot.  

But - NYC is, so far, great! Expensive!  But GREAT!

I'm not sure how often Harry will be willing to pay for the 'net so it may be some time before I can blog again!

My only regret is that I didn't see if Tylenol made shots so that I could've just directly injected myself with their lovely pain-relieving power...  Ahhh - my feet!   Stupid "bouncing souls" of Doc Martens!  Tomorrow I'm trading you in for some handy Asics Tennis Shoes!!!!

OH - and tomorrow is when I have stage-seating for "Equus."  And seeing as how my sake of modesty is just under that of a French Prostitute's I will be posting everysingle gory descriptive detail that I can muster.

Ye be heartily warned...


                                      Giddy up, ya'all...


sanguinelioness said...

It is a crazy small world. I once met someone in Italy who knew my brother's best friend.  He had gone to one of the boy's Catholic high schools in SF..I had gone to one of the girl's Catholic schools, both in the same area and we knew lots of the same people.
I wasn't crazy about Bar Americain, either. I was there a year ago July. Even for a San Franciscan, it was pricey for the fare.
Have fun!
Can't wait to hear more.

oddb0dkins said...

Glad you're having fun. If it gets too expensive you can always hang around Central Park at night and maybe scare a couple of muggers into handing over their stash.

B. x