Saturday, October 25, 2008

Say What?!

After reading this on my sister's myspace blog, I had to repost it here.
I'm now seeing how having a child can not only be a rewarding experience for the normal stuff - but would also provide a wealth of blog-worthy stuff!

Kids Say the Damndest Things!

Gilly was playin her Shrek Vsmile game while I was cleanin her room up ( she had already done her part, BTW) and she was giving me the play-by-play. "Ok, Momma. Dis is the part wif da games. Options, players and boners."
"And what?"
"Boners. Dhey are hard fings dat you get. When you try hard. To get hard fings"
I just wanted to see how much funnier this could get. " So where do you get the boners?"
"On Shrek?"
"Yeah, on Shrek. Where do you get the Boners?"
And I swear, I felt bad for making her say this but she did, indeed say it. "Where Princess Fiona is. Where its wet. Dats where da Boners are."

And my grandmother was with my cuz and her kids today at Walmart. Nan Nan and Laynie went to the potty and when Laynie was all done she hollered, "Nan Nan! I need you to get in here and wiped my DAMNED ASS!!''
My church-going Nan Nan was shocked! And embarrased! She scolded Laynie and told her that Jesus did NOT like Good Little Girls to talk LIKE THAT!!
"Oh yeah. Sorry. Well, can you please wipe my damned BUTT, please?"
Ya gotta love 'em!

I have laughed until I cried reading this and had to share!!!


Anonymous said...

LMAO I have twins and I can hear my daughters saying that. Too funny thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

OMG... bonus, boners... could be the same thing! LOL Yeah... kids especially the younger set do some blogworthy things!

be well...

Linda said...

I laughed until I cried reading this also! Linda

Laura said...

My kids love going onto Youtube to see what other kids say. Funny little critters!