Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whine and Dine

Myfirst clue that the free lunch we won wouldn't be gourmet fare was the fact that it was being sponsored by a retirement home.   The second clue for me came when I started to eat my lunch of pizza sticks, potato chips and hair - not exactly an appealing combo.   

So I decided to walk down to the pop machine where I started a one-sided tug of war with the dollar changer on the front.  I crammed my bill into the slot and waited for the mechanical pull to grab at my currency.  When nothing happened I continued to cram my dollar into the slot hoping for a miracle of machinery to result in my getting a caffeinated soda.   However, three minutes later I knew I was starting to look more like a client than an employee so I fished out the revolting $1.25 in change and inserted it. 

Somehow, as if I hadn't been insulted enough by the vending machines, I decided that a Twix bar would be the perfect combo with my Pepsi.  I held my breath as I put my rejected dollar up to the bill slot and - beamed as it was smoothly pulled inside and registered on the tiny screen.  My Twix fell smoothly to the bottom of the machine and I reached for it and my change.  Which wasn't there.  The machine had decided to stiff me my change.

So - in summation, I almost ate a hair (not mine) and was then outsmarted by not one, but two, machines.

Okay, fine, it was three.  For two days I had been trying to send a fax back to a company that sends applicants our way for open jobs and kept receiving a busy signal.   I was red-faced and huffing and more than a little mad when I picked up the sheet and began dialing the company's number.   And paused.

I had been dialing my own fax number.  Every time.  For two days.

Is it too late to join the Amish?


dpoem said...

How are your butter churning skills?

Wait...   that...  umm...  that came out wrong.  


abaleman666 said...

i've got their cell number if you need it.

visit the rant anytime :D

oddb0dkins said...

Was that hair blonde? ;O)

B. x

beckiepainton said...

i hope that was a head hair :{} beckie x