Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pizza for Mia

Coming home from work I was too tired to stop anywhere for food.  The rain was pouring, my cupboards were bare and my feet - they were sore. It was a long day of standing talking to people who pretended to be interested in Direct Care Work just so they can get a free pen.   A free .49  pen.

So I came home and got in bed with my "I survived the Newsies Square Explosion" t-shirt and hopped on www.papajohns.com.   Apparently, you really can order a pizza from the net and have it delivered - no cash needed.

That was 40 mins ago.

According to my email, my estimated delivery time is 35-45 minutes.  They're cutting it close and I hope to find a red-pocket-carrying pizza man on my doorstep in the next few minutes or else - ah - let's face it -  as an achey and crippled version of my former self the worst I can do is send a "Hey dudes!  Where's my f'n pizza???" email in a snarky tone.  

Oh! It's here!

Ack! The Pizza Delivery Boy was just here (I had a HUGE job fair today and the idea of making dinner for just me was about as appealing as having a root canal with no Novocain - again) and me in my oversized t-shirt and mussed-up eyeliner and frizzy hair answered the door.  Darn it - he was cute! I was like 'Hello Pizza Boy - wanna come in and feed me garlic buttery sticks of dough?"  What can I say - I'm a sucker for a boy in a Papa John's uniform who reeks of garlic.  Blame Harry for that one.
Instead I commented about the weather (proving again how freakin' old I am) and sent him on his merry way.
And there endeth any chance I had of being published.   In Penthouse.


dpoem said...

Aww...  Peanut.  

You shouldn't give up on Penthouse so easily.  Most of those letters are fake anyway.  


amy122389 said...

My pizza guys are rarely cute.  ew.


zoepaul6968 said...

I prefer milkmen to be honest but I see the attraction of a pizza uniform,dinner and sex,not a bad combination,mind you a can of squirty cream and sex is mildly better wink wink lol zoe xxx

rdautumnsage said...

Now you have me wanting to order pizza and have it delivered just to see what the delivery guy looks like (winks)...Gotta love ya hon, a bad day and yet the humor shines like a beacon. (Hugs) Indigo

oddb0dkins said...

I wonder if he knows what a narrow escape he had. ;O)

B. x

beckiepainton said...

yum stinky garlic.beckie x