Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dad Gets his Revenge

"I saw a cake in Kroger the other day that said 'Happy Anniversary 9-11," my dad said while slurping on his ice cream cone.  "And I thought 'well - nothing ever good happened on 9-11!'"  he finished and took another bite out of the chocolate covered cone.

I looked at my dad with my head cocked and my brows furrowed waiting for him to get what he just said.

My sister, sitting across from me, snorted with laughter as she watched my face redden with the effort of not bursting into laughter.

"So - nothing good ever happened on September 11th?"  I asked my dad who sputtered as he realized what he said. 

I dissolved into hearty laughs and closed my eyes as I clutched at my stomach.

And that's when my father squished his ice cream cone into the side of my face.

I feel the love.   :)


oddb0dkins said...

Subtle. I like your dad. ;O)

B. x

beckiepainton said...

nice, my dad would rub a bogey on me or fart,i dont feel the love.beckie x