Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bathing the Blind - and other fun tasks...

Silver is a blind Mr. Kitty.  He's also mostly deaf.  And, when I found him on Sunday stuck in a corner, bouncing off each wall as he tried to right himself and hollering loudly, I noticed he looked - ratty.

So what do I do?

That's right. I stuck his skanky siamese butt into the sink and dumped a handful of soap on him.   He proceeded to sit in the water and stare at me accusedly with those big blue sigthless eyes and, on occassion, try to crawl down the front of my shirt.  

Not that I didn't deserve to look like the last-place loser of a pathetic Old Girls Gone Wild Wet T-shirt contest - but I was trying to help.   And here is Silver, still wet from his bath and about two seconds away from slapping me, with cunning mad old ninja accuracy, across my reddened cheeks:


amy122389 said...

awwww....bathing cats.  It's an experience.

I had a blind dog.  I wasn't allowed to move the furniture for a long long time.


beckiepainton said...

can you bathe cats?! wow id def wear a hockey mask or something beckie x

oddb0dkins said...

Sorry, couldn't get past the wet T shirt bit.  ;O)

B. x