Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eight Things

1.  Betty White just made a pass at Regis on the new "Password" gameshow.

2.  I tried to phone screen someone for a job today who prefaced the call with "Sure, just lemmie change."

3.  I went to a Mediterranean Cooking Class today at lunch where I won a free bottle of Basalmic Vinegar.  However, the very old lady (who prefaced everything with "Would you believe I'm 60?!") had decided to rant at the end of the class about how Martha Stewart was framed (I can't make this stuff up) and I muttered, a bit too loudly, "Well at least she got a nice poncho out of it.." to which crazy cook lady zeroed in on me.  "What did you say?!" she demanded.  I felt like I was back in school again. So I looked at her and said, loud enough to fill the large meeting room "At least she got a nice poncho out of it!"   Everyone laughed and she mentally stabbed me in the head with a broken bottle of olive oil.  A lunch hour well spent.

4.  I went to the eye doc yesterday where he told me, in not so many words, that I was suffocating my eyeballs.    And that I owed him $120.00.

5.  I saw "Prince Caspian" again.  I'm still a dirty ol' woman.

6.  During a stupid argument about lord knows what my sister and mother were stopped cold when my five year old niece turned in her chair and stared at mom.  "Mammy? Do you have a brain in your head?"  My mother looked at her darling grandchild and tried to be insulted while under the gaze of her calculating deep brown eyes.   "Well, well -  yes.  Yes I do!"  "Oh," said Gillian.  "Is it pink?"  

We're still not sure where that came from but somehow I think Spongebob is to blame.

7.  I'm supposed to be writing - but instead I'm on Harry Potter fansites and wondering if I have enough marshmallows to make a large batch of Rice Krispie Treats in order to drown my sorrows.  Of which I really have none.  :)

8.  I was reminded again today that the people who are "nice" and "friendly" on the job don't make it in the long run.  Well, then.  I'll be sitting at the Start Line if anyone wants to join me.  

I have a plate of Rice Krispies!   :)   Happy Almost Friday! 


sangrialel said...

I love rice krispies!  and now it is happy friday!!!  YEAH.  Linda

oddb0dkins said...

Pink brains eh? I guess the boys must have blue ones.

Happy Saturday too.

B. x

beckiepainton said...

Spongebob is Ty fave progaramme so when ever we see him he Yells 'bobbob!!' like a complete nutter and i have to sing the spongebob theme.Not good in the middle of town.Beckie x