Thursday, June 14, 2007

Squirrels Gone Nutz - part II

Okay - well at least THIS didn't happen the other day!



tenyearnap said...

Don't worry...that can't happen in your neck of the woods, where squirrels know they are considered a culinary treat. You hillbillies just keep those squirrels a-skeered!

dpoem said...

Vindictive little rodent.  Then again, it's a Bavarian squirrel, so it was probably just drunk and lost.  


gazker said...

F*** the dead animal being tested for rabies, what about the HUMANS!!!!!
Gaz ;-)

princesssaurora said...

LOL... too funny!!!

be well,

oddb0dkins said...

Hmmm, are squirrels poisonous?  ;O)
B. x