Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who you callin' NUTS?

Here's a summation of my day yesterday:

Headache from Sunday night continues.  Dizziness and the inability to distinguish depth makes for fun interstate drive to work.

Lunchtime run to Bob Evans for "comfort food" ends in a $20 meal of dirty (no, really, I could wipe the visible dirt from the lettuce on to my finger) salad and hard pasta. 

Tanning bed (yeah, I know "BAD Holly! BAD!") room where I trip on pants around ankles and fall headfirst into a fake and rather dusty palm tree.

Dinner, parent's house, back porch.  Not being in the mood for more pasta after my horrible day, I sit and watch my sis, mom, dad, Brian, Connie and Lauren eat a nice dinner. And then we all get attacked my rambunctious squirrels who pelt us with nuts from the trees above. Repeatedly.

My gas light comes on.  I drive, slowly and without my air conditioning on, to the nearest gas station. I fear my car will e-mail my hubby and tell on me.

I try to watch my episode of taped "Veronica Mars" only to find the dreaded blue screen of death awaits me.  I get out of bed, smack the vcr around a bit and jiggle the cords.  My hair was wet from my late night shower and - I got shocked, totally explaining the frizz that greeted me when I woke up (late) this morning and had no choice but to go with a very 1994 side braid.  I called and woke Harry up to complain about stupid incooperative vcr. (On a weird note - it works fine this morning.)

And now I'm at work having survived a bad day on near-Apocolyptic proportions. 

My only fear is what lies in store for me today.

I need stamps.  So I must go to the post office.  Let's hope my bad luck ended with the at-home-electro-shock-therapy...


gazker said...

Poor poor Holly, you need to oraganise that trip to Blighty sooner, for some decent pasta, some good retail therapy and a glass of wine or two!
Gaz x

princesssaurora said...

{{{{ Holly }}}}

Hang in there....  (( oh how I wish we had Bob Evans...)

be well,

dpoem said...

You need a vacation.  I say come to Milwaukee, and you and I can go get liquored up and count the bodies floating in the river.  


oddb0dkins said...

I'm still laughing. (Is that so wrong?)
Hope your week improves, but then, I guess it couldn't get much worse.
B. x

psychfun said...

I'm laughing too. Love the cartoon...can you use it for class (hee hee). The squirrel thing is hysterical, I'm sorry, but my God that is just too much. What were they pissed about. Maybe they thought the nuts would be a nice touch to the pasta? HA! They were offering dessert. They probably wanted you to leave & they could have the pasta. I tell you guys will do anything to impress the chicks! HA!  Now this headache what is the deal with that? Do you get them often? Meds? I hope you complained about your food...get a free meal out of it! You poor thing, just know we know what you are going through...we all have bad days like this!