Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It (really frickin') Hurts to Be Beautiful...

Rushing from the office today to make it to my five p.m. hair appointment, I arrived right on time. And waited.  And waited.

I was fuming while trying to read "Undead and Uneasy" by MaryJanice Davidson.  I hated to be kept waiting.  However, if I'd known what was in store for me in the back of the salon, I would've run.  Far, far away!

My normal sylist is on a medical leave but another woman took over my appointment.  Since I really only wanted a trim and some highlights I wasn't worrying too much. 

Three hours later I was still sitting in that black spinning chair.  My  head was covered in foil and the stylist was heading to the backroom to mix up a THIRD bowl of color for my massive amount of hair.  Twenty minutes under the dryer, ten under the faucet and another thirty getting a blow out and I was done. 

Some people, even professionally trained ones, still have a problem dealing with long, thick hair.  This woman, Sherry, was really nice.  But as she stood behind me and pulled, tugged, yanked and hacked at my hair with a comb, I wished nothing more than to burn her repeatedly with a high-intensity curling iron. 

Four hours after I had originally stepped in to the salon, I left, $95 lighter, blonder and more than a little sore. 

So what has this taught us?

Well, me - nothing.  I was just looking for a good ending for this entry.  Tee hee. 



tenyearnap said...

Tanning salon...blonder blonde hair...guess you're ready for Hawaii now. And I really hope those Hawaiian birds don't recognize you from your honeymoon trip. --Cin

gazker said...

Is all of this so you can get a pearl necklace?
Gaz ;-)

princesssaurora said...

Oooooh Hawaii!!!!!  A perfect baby making second second honeymoon!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!

See how very Summer like that was... scary huh?  LOL

You work her on your end Summer and I will work her on mine!! tee hee

be well,

amy122389 said...

You were at the salon...knowing that you were going to Hawaii, and you didn't get a wax?!  :-X  ::muffled giggling::

(also, I'm jealous.)


wildflowersea said...

Hawaii! Lucky you. Your highlights will look great with a tan :)

oddb0dkins said...

Hawaii eh? Lucky beggar. Don't forget your grass skirt. B. x

psychfun said...

Hey...your going to Hawaii...I have sat in the chair that long & haven't gotten to go to Hawaii so....actually I have a great stylist now...1 hour & I'm out with a cut, highlight & my eyebrows done too. And that is with it styled too. Dang, your making me think I need to go in again! HA!