Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Will Work for Catnip Cure

Phoebe's sick.


Friday night we rushed her to the Kitty ER where they took x-rays and told me that the reason why my beloved feline can't breathe is due to masses of - something - in her lungs.  "Could be pneumonia, could be cancer - we'd have to do more tests to be sure..."

After midnight we picked her back up and took her home where she slept next to the bed in a little, shaky, furry pile.  Shallow breaths rack her little frame as she struggles to sleep.  Food, once her favorite pasttime has now been forgotten. 

I took her to Dr. Tambling, her regular vet who took more x-rays only to annouce "It could be pneumonia, or cancer... we really can't be sure..."   Phoebe slept fitfully in her tiny carrier while Dr. Tambling stressed the importance of squirting 1 ML of an antibiotic into my ever-shrinking kitty's mouth.  "Be careful not to choke her - we don't want anything else foriegn getting into her lungs." 

No pressure, there.  Ugh.

So I have to hold her - upright - while I pry open her tiny mouth with my finger, stick the syringe in and give her the dose in three increments.  All the while praying she doesn't choke on it and hoping, too, that she doesn't take one of my much-needed fingers with her when she flies away from me in fit of furry fury. 

So, please, send happy thoughts (or padded gloves) our way!



dpoem said...

Ooo...  I had to do that with my cat a couple of times.  It's easy to get the cat's mouth open if you squeeze gently on the sides of the jaw.  They open right up, and then you can blast the 1ml of yucky stuff in there.  

Unfortunately, it took me a lot of blood loss to figure that out with my cat.  


gazker said...

Get well soon Kitty, you are stressing your Mummy out.......... I think Harry has lost it, taking you to a shooting range in your condition!! LOLOLOL

princesssaurora said...

Oh Holly!!!!  Prayers coming... please let us know how she is doing....

be well,

dragoneyes1164 said...

I know it sounds mean and alot of people dont like to do it, BUT If you scruff her by the back of the neck firmly and gently pull her head back so she is looking to the ceiling and her head is tilted up (it doesnt hurt them and you have control of her head so she cant run) her mouth should open a little anyway and just shoot it in quick. If you try to hold her by her head and squeeze her mouth open it may not work cuz she's got a brachialcephalic face (smushed or flat) and it will be easy for her to run away.