Monday, December 18, 2006

Desperately Seeking...

Now that school is out and my life has resumed its gentle hum of boring repition and gentle sway of pleasant plainness - I am in the need of:

1.   A good book to read.  One where I will laugh, cry, drool and perhaps even add to my "love forever" list of books.  I sat before my large and literally over-flowing bookshelf this morning before finally selecting a book that I didn't really want to read - but wasn't ready for the darkness of a Stephen King book either. 

It may be stupid - but at least it's something to read during the dreaded 2-3pm hour!

2.   A good movie to watch. I don't care when it was made, whether it's dvd or vhs or only available through downloads on AOL. My brain would like some entertainment, please. 

3.  New recipies - preferrably ones that will get me over my "meat phobia".  For some reason I'm incredibly nervous about cooking with meat - scared I'll make everyone sick or something.   I swear, I think I'm just a really bad vegetarian...

That's about all I can come up with - I'm just feeling the need to be entertained -so please - if you have any suggestions - lemmie know!

I'm up for 'em!



gazker said...

Try a short history of tractors in Eukranian.......... Brilliant, you will laugh your sweater puppies off. Sorry, just found out what they are!
I will mail you with the details of the book

therealslimemmy said...

you know what is so funny i have that cooking meat phobia too! not too bad with hamburger i just keep cooking that but especially all the others...i dont eat things that look weird and i over cook everything! except for steak that is ok i like that medium lol

but i am glad to see that school is out!  you really need to start reading these books!  i am so attached to this author
Debbie Macomber
first book I feel in love with was called "Between Friends" that is a must read...!

then if you really have some time on your hands and love to read a good book as much as I...
you need to read her Cedar Cove Series.
shes not all romance there is a lot or mystery and she writes small town life well but its modern not like oldentimes.
anyways it is up to the 6th book right now i believe...might be 7 but 6 i think
she writes one every September.

go check out her website

hope you like her and i helped you ;)
im a stay at home mom so i know how to entertain myself for the most part

<3, em