Thursday, December 14, 2006


I arrived early Tuesday morning - too early in fact.  I hit the hospitality suite at the Robert C. Byrd Institute at 8 AM and expected to wait in a huge line of press. 

I was the only one there.

So I got a steaming hot white chocolate and waited.

Once my credentials were "checked" which involved a blonde chick handing me a large white envelope and a press kit - yup - no blood test, no social security number - nothing - I then stepped out of the hospitality suite.

And missed a step.

I sprayed myself with my boiling cup of chocolate. 

I'm sure I appeared to be a half-melted snowchick as people strolled past me and tried to avoid eye contact with the chubby girl, so thirsty, that she has doused herself in her beverage.

I decided to hit Fourth Avenue and check out the set up.

I was amazed.

The City of Huntington had transformed itself into  - a large jungle gym.  Wtih a large green stripe going down the middle of it.   I was impressed - and anxious to start climbing. 

I hit the pavement and saw Huntington through the eyes of  a tourist - a slightly damp, chocolate-smelling tourist. 

I kiled time by sitting in Starbucks reading and looking at my "We Are Marshall" press pass.  The movie, which I got to see at 11am that day, was AMAZING.  I shall not divulge the inner workings of the flick - I will just say - that - after the credits rolled - no one moved.  The entire 100+ journalists packed into the theater like day old sardines - sat silently and watched the whole movie.  We then shuffled out, one-by-one in a hushed silence. 

Afterwards - the PREMIERE!!!!:


And then green carpet:


My Matthew Fox - who caught me staring at him with a goofy grin on my face INSTEAD of taking pictures of him like Iwas supposed to be doing - and he cracked up - it was HILARIOUS!  OH - how I wish he was a "chubby chaser"! 

Matthew, Matthew and Anthony Mackie:

A good shot of the cast and the actual people who lived the film as life:

I had a wonderful time and thank my editor, Heather, at the VoiceboxX for nominating me, a newbie humor columnist, to attend this history-making event in downtown Huntington, WV.



tenyearnap said...

Holly-razzi...I like that! Darn it, though, I was really hoping that this would be a rare day when you didn't spill anything on yourself. haha.

gazker said...

Holly, I betcha looked like a Snow Queen covered in that white chocolate! I must look this fim up, I aint heard of it over here yet.