Sunday, December 31, 2006

Picture Perfect!

Turns out Santa had an extra goodie for me in his bag-o-tricks: a new digital camera!   It's the baby version of Harry's XTI -  a Canon PowerShot A710 with that all-important option: image stabilization! 

Here are some snap-happy pics from the "test run":

My kitchen, with the purple chairs from downstairs.  I have yet, too, to find some cute hooks for my three-year old, still pristine aprons!

A little reminder during the holiday season...

A way too-close up shot of me with a rather spotty complexion. I'd like to blame the camera - a malfunction or something - but nope - those are my massive amounts of freckles.  No wonder I still look twelve!

A picture of Harry taking a picture:

My living room mantle - complete with too much Blenko glass.  I'm really glad that Huntington, WV does NOT lie on a fault line...

Harry decided to go outside and take pics of our neighborhood and of our front door:


And - a picture of me - looking none too happy - in classic black and white - AND I found out that my camera has a color sapping action - so I took a picture of my bouquet Harry sent me on the "First Day of Holly"...

That's it for now, however, I'm heading to a New Year's Eve party (complete with a headache and an "I Heart Jack Sparrow" pink tee) and may be able to get some rather interesting shots of my buds - three (or four) sheets to the wind! 

--Happy New Year!

---Love, Holly


oddb0dkins said...

Hope the party went well, despite the headache.
My mum used to tell me that every freckle is an ounce of beauty, so don't you worry about 'em.
Happy new year to you and Harry. B. x

princesssaurora said...

The pics were great!  Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to more!

be well,