Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm a Mean One, Mrs. Grinch! I'm the QUEEN of SINFUL Thoughts!

Twas the Friday before Christmas, and all through the firm, everyone was stirring, wanting to go the heck HOME ALREADY!

In walks my runner and he says "So my dad's been standing in line for the Wii since 5:30 this morning and he was number eleven and turns out that Toys-R-Us only got in ten and the lady says 'we have 60 gig PS3's - anyone want those?' and no one wanted them - they wanted Wiis so -"  I cut him off.

"Whoah - Toys-R-Us has Playstation 3's - in stock?"  Harry had been wanting a PS3 like that kid in that horrible movie with the "You'll shoot your eye out" gun.  So I called Diane at the store and she confirmed that, yes, they had them in stock and yes, they were the 60 gig and yes, they were approximately the same price as a black market kidney. 


So I did what any other loving wife would do.

I called and begged my Mommy Dearest to go get it.  And she did.  She pulled her arthritic butt out from between the couch cushions, hopped in her Grannymobile and made it to Toys-R-Us in ten minutes.

She calls me from the store, confused, "Holly - they don't have that thing."

"Mom, I JUST talked to Diane, the manager, not fifteen minutes ago - what are you asking for?"

"A $600 MP3 player - they said they don't have anything in the store that costs that much." 

I sighed and said "Ask for Diane - tell her I called a little bit ago for a"  I paused for emphasis, "Playstation Three."  

"Oh -" I could hear her repeat it back and then a gaggle of laughing salespeople. 

"Yeah - they got it."  

Funds were transferred, moms were praised and some workers got to have a nice chuckle at my mother's expense on the last shopping weekend before Christmas.

I was happy.   "You're gonna get him a game, too - aren't you?"

Well, crap.

So, off I go to do some research and find out that the most wanted game is "Resistance:  Fall of Man"  which is kinda like Aliens v. Man in a WW II setting.                                            

Works for me.

I'm standing in line for about a half an hour after work when this guy in front of me starts getting chatty. "Oh - buyin' a game, are ya?"   No, nimrod - I have a wobbly table at home - needs a prop - thought a $60 game would be PERFECT for it...  People kill me.  But I digress.

I smiled politely and shrugged.  "Got him the system, had to have a game to play, too!" 

He tilted his head and said "Aw!  How old?!" 


"Oh."  he quickly turned around and never looked back.


              Merry Belated Christmas, everyone! 



tenyearnap said...

26...hee hee. He's a lucky kid.

oddb0dkins said...

Hehe. It's true, we never grow up. B. x

dragoneyes1164 said...

YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND ONE!!! I live in PA and EVERY store is all sold out! So my hubby had to settle for a psp. But I think it's cool:) And he HAD to have the Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and I got asked the same question "How old is he?" I bowed my head and muttered "25" and I got the same reaction you did! LOL

princesssaurora said...

LOL... yeah, those 26 yo's are so damn demanding...

be well,