Thursday, December 7, 2006

Pet "Peevey"

Today, while I sat at my desk and listened to the "Holly" station on XM - the sky behind me filled with large fluffy flakes and - the bestest Christmas song EVER filled through my tiny computer speakers:  "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".


I don't know what it is about this song that makes me just bounce and giggle while pursing my lips and singing along - it's just a happy little tune that makes me forget about my emptying checking account, my furry sicky friend and the fact that my hubby is two hours away in some podunk town, during this Christmas Season.

But I will hold my head up high, toss my curls (I was too lazy to straighten my hair this morning) defiantly and bellow carols for all the office to hear.

Why?  Because my name is Holly - and for that - it's my civic duty to spread cheer like a female Santa - so get happy - dammit - or I'll come shove a sprig of mistletoe up your nose!

             HAPPY HOLLYDAYS!


gazker said...

Have you been on the Pepsi again?

oddb0dkins said...

This was my favourite song when I was groing up. Of course, it wasn't sung by Gayla Peevey, whoever she is. It was sung by the one and only Lenny the Lion.
Thanks for the memory. B. x

princesssaurora said...

My mom had this same album and passed it on to me!  I love it!  And, have never even met anyone else who knew of it!


be well,