Monday, December 12, 2005

Pinkie Pie Ponies and the Pretty Pretty Picklemeiser

My weekend in Richmond was too fun! The above pictures are one that I conveniently stole from my bestest buds' blog on myspace! She takes such good pics that I couldn't help but swipe 'em!

We left Friday night and drove the six hours from Huntington, WV to Richmond VA. I only slept for about the last hour and if you know me - that's good! I usually get in a car and develop an instant sleep apnea - the wheels roll and my eyes close! We got in at around 1AM. Instead of going to bed, we sat up and exchanged gifts. I got a "Beaut" - a Koala wrapped (strangled) with green tinsel among other wonderful things and Harry got a talking Stewie (suffering from an acute case of laryngitis) and some, ahem, love cuffs.

We had to immediately clean up the wrapping paper and the ribbons out of the floor. When I asked "why?" Summer said pointedly "Gillianwilleatthem." I was about to refute her statement, I was a little put off - like Gillian was some sort of animal! - when I noticed a small book about a puppy - that was half eaten. I kept my big mouth shut.

The next morning we helped Summer prepare for the party. I picked up Gillian's toys. She pulled them back out. She would cackle as I would put a plastic hot dog, an oversized Lego and a small Weeble-ish doll into a bin. "No - no!" And she'd pull them all back out!

Bully! :)

We're busy cleaning up the pile of Saltine's that were found under the ottoman when we hear the fridge door open. Looking over, we see Gillian sitting on the bottom shelf - eating a pickle!

I was nominated to bathe the little picklemeiser - so she took me upstairs, stripped down and hopped in the tub. She took great pride in splashing me. It would be my second bath of the day. "Hey, Gillian - where's the 'S'? Can you find the 'S'?" My little genius of a two year old niece swooped up the letter and showed it to me. She's just advancing so fast, it takes my breath away. I just miss her so much! I don't think that anyone realizes how hard it is to be so far away from a tiny creature that you can't claim as your own but would if you were given the chance! Okay - so I'm a slightly possessive aunt, but darnit! I will be the favorite aunt! "Do you wanna pony, Gillian? Do you? Harry - we need a pony - STAT!"



We had a great time - I so hated to leave on Sunday - but we had no choice - we both had to work today... Darn jobs - they always get in the way!



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tenyearnap said...

It's the adventures of Favorite Auntie and Piranha Girl!

Alex never put anything in his mouth when he was little--except for the sofa and recliner which he chewed on like a DOG! Too much Clifford the Big Red Dog maybe?

At least if Gillian the Piranha Girl sticks to large objects you won't have to worry about her swallowing them.