Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This is what happens when one goes to the store to get hermit-couch granny food and forgets to bring her own list: she ends up eating a cheeseball, turkey stick and doritoes for lunch.


I must race home before my yearly doc appt, brush my teeth, wash my feet (they will be near doc-lady's head and nose ), tend to my cat and couch hermit and rush off. Hopefully I won't have doritoes bits stuck in my teeth to which my doc will shake her head disapprovingly.

I still don't see why I need to go yearly to have my girl innards checked - my dear hubby assured me that all is well in my nether regions - oh well - I guess I am due for a second opinion - I just hope that they don't insist on blood work. I don't think that Huntington is ready to see the likes of me, in a paper gown running down third avenue!

ON a side note - why the heck does Doritoes feel the need to "improve" upon their packaging and flavor on what seems like a weekly basis? These "new and improved" ones are so strong that I'm a bit glad that today is a gyno appt and not a dentist visit!

Wish me luck with the sadist doctor!


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