Friday, December 9, 2005

Back Among the Land of the Living...


The plague has left me more or less intact.

I counted my fingers, just to relax.

There was a time when the walls seem to dance

a feverish tango, a queer circumstance

to behold while in bed in a dayquil-induced trance.

I feel so much better, my head's not a fog

nor is it spinning (not that that's wrong)

but it seems quite normal, more or less,

not that that's better, it's still quite a mess

in there in my head where my synapses stress.

For a few days, it was still touch and go,

me and my fever, we had quite a row.

My nose did revolt and my tummy did rumble,

And my eyes did cross and my feet did tumble,

then all was calm, cool collected, very humbled.

So now I come to you, my dear blog readers,

To let you know "I'm alive" - not defeated!

It'll take more than a cold to drown me in snot,

and make my life harder then when it is not,

and lead me to victory against the phlegm rot!


Okay - so I'm not Shel Silverstein - but sometimes you just gotta rhyme!

By the way - did ya'all know that if you put a link to your AOL JOURNAL on your AOL PROFILE that AOL WILL THEN DELETE YOUR PROFILE?

Nether did I.... until I was deleted for "inappropriate content." Heh. I'm "inappropriate." Heh. And I have the email to prove it.

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tenyearnap said...

She's alive! SHE'S ALIIIIIVE!!!