Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Promzilla! Promzilla! Run for your LIVES!

There are two types of people in the world  Those that save their prom dresses, and those that do not.  I,for one, had no clue whether or not I still had my Senior prom dress. The last I saw of it, it was sleeping peacefully in the back of my mini-closet in my old bedroom at the 'rents.  So, you can imagine my surprise when I go over there today for pity soup (I get free food all the time now that Harry's always gone - call it a perk) and there it is, in all its red satiny glory, laying across my mother's jade green sofa. 

My eyes light up like a kid catching a glimpse of Santa.  I grab it and tenderly finger the gathers that line the bodice.  It was clingy, it was red and it was - about four sizes too small. 




It dawned on me as I frantically tried to cover myself with the red satin hanky that this was the exact reason why women should not hold on to dresses from our youth.  Because we have not held on to the svelte figures from our youth to go with the beautiful ensemble. 

With some bitterness ( A LOT OF IT)  I put the dress back on the pile  from which it was snatched.  I noticed then that my dress from High School was not that much bigger than one of my sister's pageant gowns.  I held them up and measured them against each other.  Maybe an inch and a half difference.

Well.  Huh.

I always thought of myself as grotesquely gargantuan next to my iddy biddy sister, but in reality, we weren't that far off. 

I held up the dress again and looked in the mirror.  The dress covered my midsection like a bright red running stripe. 

Well. Huh.


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jessijane1722 said...

lol I had a red prom dress too!!
great story and yes we all change after high school. Hopefull for the better! haha =)
I understand what you said about the sister sis is tall and skinny. will probably always be...i compared myself to her (secretly) but now that i'm older i think to myself just be happy with what you were born with. =)

best of luck to you in figuring out what your dream job is!!