Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Must be Tuesday...

My face is on the journal home page of AOL! Yup. You know what that means. I'm FAMOUS!!!

Hee hee.

I found a really interesting article in TIME magazine yesterday dealing with Ambition. So, being the ambitious type, I stuck a post-it in it and put it under my desk to read "later."

Still haven't read it.

My underwire has worked its way out of my bra and is now poking me fiendishly in my girly bits. Ow. The things we sacrifice for fashion: comfort, body hair, skin cells and blood.

And, my last rant: Why all the hospital-related crap on movies and television? And by hospital-related I mean, obvious and gratuitous displays of ucky insides! I like CSI as much as any other Criminal Justice lackey, but c'mon! Do we really need to "see" the bone break inside the muscles? Do we really need to "see" the knife twist in the ribs? Must we be subjected to the visual of a skull being cracked open with a sledge hammer? And now this stuff is popping up in the most unusual places! I was watching a movie with my hubby the other night and POOF there on the screen was a man using a paring knife to open up the stomach of another! THEN they stuck in a spout and continued on with the romantic comedy. I was like "What the hell?!" Was that really necessary?!

So, for all of us squeamish Americans - I say we unite! Show us the Over the Hill pop singer's boobie, show me my NYPD buttcheeks, let me bare (hee hee) witness to the Maximum Package of Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction, and in return, I ask the censors to keep the things that were meant to STAY inside (blood, guts and the like) on the inside! I do not wish to share my tv with the digitally rendered innards of a television victim!

That's it.

My rant is over.

You can go back to watching "The Price is Right."

Ohhh - a new Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!




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