Thursday, March 15, 2007

Summer and Holly go to Burger King

Last night while lying in bed in my pj's of Old Navy Sweatshirt and boxer shorts, I realized something. I was hungry

I wanted - a Whopper.

So I did what any not-so-single gal would do at 11PM on a Wednesday Evening.

I called my sister, "I'm in need of a Whopper. I'm coming to get you.  I'll be there in ten minutes.  Be ready."  Idle chit chat was not needed when one was craving an all-beef patty, flame-grilled and piled up with enough artery-clogging goodies to make even the hardiest Texan faint.  

Pulling up to my parents' two story Colonial-esque home I noticed something odd.  Behind the wheel of my father's 1971 Ranchero was a fuzzy-looking blob. My sister's hair is a bit poofy so I assumed she was just hanging out in dad's car - for some reason. 

On closer inspection, as I nudged my Denali closer to the front of the Crayola blue car-truck,I saw that it was not, in fact, my curly-headed sister but a teddy bear - wearing a tutu, helming the Ranchero.

I laughed so hard I about rearended my sister's Neon- and then - my sister as she rounded the front of my car.  

"Wherearewegoing?" she asked in one breath and then glanced at my bra-less outfit, "Obviouslyadrivethru."

"I must have a Whopper," I said, ignoring her comment about my chosen fashion for the evening. 

She agreed and we set off to the lovely Huntington Mall area only to find out - Burger King was closed. 

"Doyouwanttogototheotherone?" She asked, yawning and rubbing her head.  We both suffer from migraines and she was working on her third day and I my fifth. 

"Yup, I'm on a mission," I said and took off down Route 60 like a bat outta hell... seeking a burger.

It was closed.

"This is RIDICULOUS!" I yelled, "It's like we're stuck in that movie, 'Harold and Kumar go to White Castle!  I just want a cheeeeeeeseburger!"

"Thatwasafunnymovie..." Summer said and then asked "Is there another Burger King?"

"There is one," I said ominously.

Crossing my fingers (which is not easy to do while driving) we headed toward the campus of Marshall University.   We could see the lights from a block away - they were open!

We giggled and laughed as we placed our order and thoroughly entertained (or annoyed) the wait staff.  I pealed away from the window, clutching our stinky bag of greasy food and pulled over.

"Hey, let'sgoupthehill - I'llshowyouthathouseIwant," Summer said.  She's dying to move out of mom and dad's house - who wouldn't be?- and found a house for sale in a questionable neighborhood in Huntington.

"Turnhere!" she squealed as I struggled to turn the wheel, grasp my precious burger and follow her tiny, shoestring-like pointer finger. 

"Thereitis! Thethirdhouse!"  I peered down the darkened brick street and could see - nothing.  I turned down the hill and although I was a little worried about getting stuck, I continued my quest to see the house of my sister's dreams.

The tiny little white house with black shutters sat atop a tiny hill, flocked on either side with basically well-kept homes.  The steep steps had a lovely white pipe handrail and two pine trees on either side of the front door. 

"It's a crackhouse," I said.

"It'snot! It'scheapandtheneighborhoodisokayand - well - there'safullbasement-"

"For the Meth lab?" I interjected with a giggle, "And LEAD PAINT?!" 

She pouted.

"Nope, we're just gonna get you an Airsteam Trailer and stick it out front of Mom and Dad's house,"  I said as I tried to Wee-waw my way off the iddy-bitty street.

"I'mbuyingthehouse," she said stubbornly.

"Oh, really? Does the crack come with it for free?" I joked.

I really do hope she gets a house, one more year of living with the 'rents and someone's gonna end up as Lifetime Movie of the Week!



amy122389 said...

your sister and I are living parallel lives.  omfg.  :-/

I'll take a Whopper with cheese too, though.


gazker said...

I hope your indigestion was not too bad eating a flame grilled all beef patie at that time of night! You nearly gave me a heart attack when you said you were laying in bed and fancied a whopper! I think like that all the time lolololololol, I take one look at him snoring and think, FA GEDDIT!

princesssaurora said...

I love when you do stuff about Summer!!  She cracks me up!!!

be well,

oddb0dkins said...

When you gotta eat, you just gotta eat!
Oh an - Wee-waw? Is that a technical term then ;O)
B. x

tenyearnap said...

HAHAAA...I love that Harold and Kumar movie and thought of it as soon as I saw your title. I should have also known that Gaz would think a Whopper was "something else"...good thing you didn't say you wanted a Whopper with Cheese then.--Cin

jmoqueen said...

That's a great story :-)  You have a good way of telling them.


summerthyme1221 said...

I too love when you blog about Summer!  She is sooooo cute and clever and funny.  Not to mention the very bestes sister ever in alllll the WORLD!!!  I WISH i had a sister as lovely as that Summer chick. BUT NO!  i got stuck w/ YYYOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!  :)
i love you, you rotten lil sis!

h0llyk911 said...

Seeeeeee? Seeeeeee what I have to put up with?  hee hee

summerthyme1221 said...

also, it was totally 100 per cent completely ME who came up with the summer and holly go to burger king title.  of course there may be a slightly remote chance that it was uttered under my breath and at what may be considered a speed faster than the normal rate of speech.  i just wanted to set the record straight.