Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Homeless Hermit

I'm like the female version of the Roaming Gnome.   I'm in Arlington, VA/D.C. area and loving every minute of  this sleep until 11AM life!

I was trying to do some last minute packing on Sunday when Harry informed me he was going to run to Huntington to do some errands and would bring lunch on the way back.  I took this time to do some much-needed laundry.  

Harry came back while I was in the middle of watching the third straight episode of "Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency."  Why?  Because she was auditioning male underwear models.   I tried to be nonchalant as I folded my sleepy pants and t-shirts but apparenly I was not as sly as I'd hoped.

At one point, while the Austrian model donned a pair of thongs that left little to the imagination, I drooled.  Just a little.

"Holly!" Harry cried from across the room where he was checking the dimensions of our media tower against the new receiver he'd just purchased the previous week.

"What?"  I stupidly responded, wiping my chin.

"You were drooling!  You were!  You were like this," he glassed over his eyes and dropped his mouth open.  

"Was I?"  I giggled and tried to be coy.  

But then another well-toned and floppy haired man put on a pair of boxer-briefs.

I was a goner.



gazker said...

Hollyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, what are you looking at underwear models for when you have a stud like Harry?

You been to Geoge town yet?
Gaz oxoxox

dragoneyes1164 said...


jmoqueen said...

tut tut tut ~ you naughty girl ;-)



oddb0dkins said...

Cold shower - NOW! B. x