Thursday, March 15, 2007

Space Bar Hi-jinx!

I really do like my new Sony Vaio- it's great... only - the space bar has to be pressed in the middle in order for it to take.  My hands are tiny, so when I type I tend to hit just the far right of the bar.  So most of my sentences are starting to look like my sis' dialogue:

Like right nowI'm trying totype very fast and not have to worry about hittingthe spacebarand thedarn thing doesn't want to work!  Grrrrr!

Okay - but other than that and the tinny speakers - I'm very happy - especially since my old HP laptop would freeze up if I moved it.

I Googled my spacial (tee hee) problem and found TONS of comments like this:

...and the space bar has to be pressed in the middle (I popped off the space bar and put a slice of a pencil eraser on the button.. fixed the problem!).

So, I guess I'm off to find an old pencil!   Sigh... The things we do for "easy" technology...



princesssaurora said...

I hope it works!!!

be well,

amy122389 said...

The same thing happens to me when I use the Kidlet's laptop!!!  :-P


gazker said...

It's amazing how technology can let us down, but a siple little eraser can put the world to right!
You should ask for any other handy hints from your reader............ Gaz xxx ;-)

oddb0dkins said...

Hi tech problem, low tech maintenance. It figures. B. x

jmoqueen said...

LOL hope you managed to fix your problem xx