Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Sold My Soul for a Spacebar...

Well, here's where I'm gonna incur the wrath of the J-landers for selling my soul to the devil (Harry) for a working spacebar.  

Yup - the Vaio was returned and I'm now the proud, if not slightly fearful, owner of another HP - a dv6000 series to be exact. BUT - the spacebar works and Garth Brooks is now singing about betrayel and murder from my speakers rather than the Sony's tin can ones. 

As much as I love laptops for their versatility, there is something so - well - concrete about a desktop.  So, while I was pouting about not getting a pair of black Coach flats (my spoiledness REALLY knows no bounds) Harry suggested we hit Office Depot to see about a docking station. 

I'd looked at stations before and thought one thing: too freakin' expensive.   But he insisted and I like to look at pens (yup, I'm a geek of maximum proportions) so I agreed.  As per our usual shopping arrangement, Harry trips off toward the electronics and I find a comfy chair to peruse the advertisement.   Not more than five minutes had passed before Harry came running toward me carrying a very large box tethered with a security wire.

He launched into Summerspeak, and I blinked wildly, trying to keep up:  "It'sthedockingstationIwantedtogetyou.  Theymarkeditwrong. Comeon, I'llshowyou!" and off he ran back down the aisle like a granny with too many coupons on Senior discount day.

"See?" he gingerly sat down the box and covertly removed the large yellow sign that was covering the correct price.  It was marked wrong.

"Should I fight for it?"  Harry asked me while beads of perspiration popped up on his hairy upper lip.   He was excited.  A good deal for him was like a Meth addict happening upon a crate of discarded Sudafed.  

"Yup, I'll come with you. For back up, or something," I said and followed him as he ran toward the cashier.

"That'll be $249.99," the man said, clad in his red shirt and Office Depot lanyard. 

"The sign said $129.99," Harry pointed out, one large hand perched on his kill, I mean, laptop converter.  I could see my husband tense up, ready to dash back to the aisle and the mis-priced price.

"Oh, okay.  $129.99 you said?"  And just like that - it was ours. 

We ran out of there like a paying Bonnie and Clyde.

"That was too easy," Harry said, looking more than a little pleased with his bargaining skills.

"Yup,"  I agreed.  "Now let's go buy me those shoes!"


princesssaurora said...

Ok... I have no idea..... wtf is a docking station?  For what?  And what pens?

So confused...

be well,

gazker said...

I'm with Dawd here, WTF is a docking station, is it something to do with Star Trek?
I never got this alert, AOHELL is up to it's tricks again!
Holly, have a great time in DC, I have been there a few times, I loved it. Oh and say hello to Deorge Dublya for me ok?

Gaz x

oddb0dkins said...

Nice job, although I suspect Harry would have preferred a tougher battle. Hope you got your shoes. B. x

jmoqueen said...

LOL I'm glad Harry got his bargin with no problems :-)