Sunday, March 11, 2007

Home, Home on the Range!

Friday, I rushed into my house, Harry trailing behind me, found my beloved feline and swooped her up for a well-deserved hug.  Pulling back, I looked into her slightly watery eyes and she stared back at me equally as lovingly.

And sneezed.

Kitty mucus lined my right eye and glistened from under my nose.  

She missed me!

And to prove the point, she threw up twice that night just to make sure we knew how much we were missed!  Ah!  Isn't animal ownership just divine?

And now for my post-Mountaintop report:

Arriving at the seafoam green carpeted cabin condo I was happy to find a fireplace, a  washer and dryer and two decks. However, the tv lacked foodnetwork and the only place to get an internet signal was while parked in front of a mediocre restaraunt down the road.  We would've gone IN to the dining establishment to eat but it seems that the area is notorious for closing whenever they feel like it - so when the dinner rush ended at 6PM - so the doors did close.

We entertainined ourselves by starting fires in the fireplace which just about led to the annialation of my marriage when Harry about self-destructed when he was unable to get a flame going.  I intervened and we were renamed, "Holly the Firestarter" and "Harry the Firekeeper."  We city kids built three fires.  But that fireplace will never be the same...

I also found out that my version of "cold as hell" and the mountainfolk's version of "cold" were two entirely different things.  While I piled on my wool Coach scarf. red leather gloves and a brown tweed coat to face the elements, the natives threw on a hat and a fleece and were fine and dandy.  Needless to say, I stuck out like a sore, tweed-covered, thumb.

One day, while preparing to drive to Thomas, WV to partake in the vittles of the "Flying Pig" my sister and her beau (they drove up last weekend) and I were piling on our coats while Harry went outside to shovel the walk. A few minutes later, he limped in the door, bleeding from his hand and covered with mud.  He'd slid on one of the many ice patches that were right outside our door and had laid in the snow, yelling for us to come rescue him. 

"Didn't you hear me yelling?" he asked as he cradled his bruised butt cheek.

"No," I admitted sheepishly as I stripped his pants to look for, ahem, bruising. "I was watching 'Aquamarine' for the third time on HBO."

I started my new job as Editor of the VoiceboxX- and so far I've gotten free lunch twice, killed a spider that threatened my boss and figured out that I really like the girls I work with.  So, all's good there...  

Today I've spent wandering around this house, waiting for Harry to take all the good bits off of my old laptop that locked up when I moved it (which, ya know, defeats the purpose of having a laptop computer) and moved all of my folders to my new Sony Vaio - which still has XP on it - not Vista.   I've yet to convert to the Vista-lovers society.  Give me a bit - say - two years or so...

Pictures to follow shortly!

Oh - and on another note - I've lost all of my journal links!

Yup - so - please either send me an email to or leave me a comment with your links!  I can't NOT know what's going on in yer'all's lives!

Happy to be back in Civilization,



mrsm711 said...

Kitty missed you.  That's so cute.  I have a Sony Vaio with XP.  Love it  I wont go to Vista. I am not real familiar with it.  :)      Tracy

dragoneyes1164 said...

YAY!! Your back, my journal alerts will be colorful again! Glad to hear you had fun, and really glad your back:) I dont have a journal alert but i have a myspace
If you have one I'll add you as a friend
bye !!

princesssaurora said...

Well, about time Missy Holly!!!!  Yay!!!  Sounds like it was kinda fun!  

Glad you are back...

be well,

gazker said...

(((((((HOLLY)))))) Welcome back! You had me chortling into my first coffee of the day.......... Kitty mucus, yeauch. No sign of the postman yet then?


oddb0dkins said...

I'm not gonna sneeze on ya but it's nice to have you back.
Glad you had a good holiday. (It was good wasn't it?.)
And saving the boss from a spider, now that's gotta ensure you've got a job for life. B. x

amy122389 said...

Kitty snot.  I know it well.  ew.

Okay, somehow just the term 'vittles' make me not want to eat.  LOL


jmoqueen said...

Sounds like you had a good time :-)  Glad you got the firestarted.  Glad the job's going well and you like your colleagues


therealslimemmy said...

weve missed you glad you guys had a nice time
heres my link