Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Take That" and Go Directly to Rehab...

Being a teenage girl growing up in the bowels of WV was not always easy.  We were not exposed to much culture so when boy bands like "New Kids on the Block" and "Bacstreet Boys" popped up on the scene one could easily fall into the hormonal traps that backwoodsy gals fall easily into.  However, Tiffany, my best gal pal, and I were not easily swayed. We preferred Beach Boys to Backstreet and Connie Francis dominated our after school listening hours. 

However, when Tiffany came to my house one day clutching a cd from a British boy band called "Take That" - we were goners. 

No sooner had I picked out Robbie Williams as my own personal lustmuffin did they break up. 

Robbie had a few hits in the US as a solo artist but did much better back in the UK - here is an example of a much more tame duet with Nicole Kidman that had me drooling onto my slightly dusty keyboard:


However, I have just learned that even though Mr. Williams did not have a breakaway American hit, he did manage to make it here for his Rehab



amy122389 said...

British boy bands are awesome...'cause even if they didn't have much in the looks dept, there was always that accent...LOL


princesssaurora said...

Awww... great video!  Nicole can really sing... everyone forgets that.  I loved her in Moulin Rouge!

be well,

dpoem said...

Ummm...  Connie Francis?!?  

I would never have survived.  I think I would have boiled my face in a bucket of lye and clawed off my ears had I grown up listening to Connie Francis, or at least, I'd be a freaking serial killer.  After all, in my world, serial killers chain-smoke, drink a profane amount of coffee and listen to the music of Connie Francis and various Appalachian jug metal.      

Anyway, I remember Take That.  I was in Germany at the time of the post-Menudo boy band explosion.  For some weird socio-psychological reason, the Germans just went nutty for those things.  Suddenly, weird graffiti started popping up across Europe preaching unbridled Teutonic lust for a bunch of squeaky, wet-haired American and British whelps in acid-washed jeans.  

As for me, I drank.  I drank a lot.  


gazker said...

You might not know, but Take that have just got back together, their tour sold out in 25 mins of going on sale. Poor old Roobies in re hab though........... If he would only admit he's gay, EVERYONE knows he is, it might help him.
As for the comment from someone who said Brit boy bands aint good looking, huh?????
G x

tenyearnap said...

CONNIE FRANCIS??!!! AHA HAA HAAAA. (Hell, what Dan said. Eeesh, Connie Francis.)--C

argesq said...

Well, if you hear that Robbie needs some comforting, let me know.  I share in your Robbie Williams lusting!!  My lust started with Take That (I want you back....I want you back....I want you back for good....) and has solidly remained through his solo career!  I LOVE HIM!!!  (addictions and all!)