Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bored XLI

It's getting to be that time of year again.

That special time when sports-a-phobic women like me head for the hills and hide in the kitchen or bedrooms while overly testosteroney males sit in front of 50+ inch televisions and yell for their team of spandex-clad men grunting and grabbing for a slippery ball.  

Since I am neither a fan of football or hollering males, I shall take this time to do something productive like mastering the art of the jell-o mold or changing the sheets on our bed, or, dare I say it? Lying in bed watching chick flicks and eating bon bons.


The menfolk have it right - Super Bowl Day ROCKS!

Now pass the chocolate truffles, Soft Batch Cookies and flannel pajama bottoms.



gazker said...

Sounds like a freaking nightmare to me......... Now wheres my rah rah skirt and pom poms, I wanna entertain the men!!.......... Justttttttttt Kidding.
Shove over Holly and make some room for me, I got me jimjams on already and am clutching my bon bons! lololol

psychfun said...

ahhh careful...I have been told I am "quite femalish" and baby I'm watching....WATCHING THEM DO EXACTLY WHAT I JUST YELLED FOR THEM TO DO AT THE COMMERCIAL!!!! OMG....DA BEARS!

princesssaurora said...

How you could grow up in Huntingdon WV and not looove football is beyond me!  

It was a great game... close, not like most years!  The rain made it interesting too!  I am so happy Peyton and the Colts won!

Hope you enjoyed your day, also!

be well,

therealslimemmy said...

you are too cute :)
hope it wasnt too bad of a day for you ... LOL
bonbons sound good though huh