Sunday, February 11, 2007

Snow What?

I dared Harry to climb onto the side of this pile of snow in the Charleston, WV parking lot of Marshall's.  He, as usual, felt the need to climb to the top:

He then ran down the side, like a non-rolling Sonic the Hedgehog and ripped off his non-snow proof tennis shoes:

 Nice socks, baby!

After his snow mountain expedition, Harry decided he deserved a present, so we meandered into Dick's Sporting Goods where he snagged his 55th pair of Jordan shoes which they, surprisingly, had a pair of "might as well wear the box" size 13's.

He really, really, really likes Air Jordans:

 Oh, baby, give it some tongue!

He then takes the new recruit home and watches as it integrates with the rest of the "23" clan, each wearing their own special colors...

After we were sure that the new Jordan shoes would mesh well with its very similar counterparts, we went to a belated Birthday dinner with Harry's pocket-sized granny:

That was Friday and Saturday and I should've known the merriment and mirth would end abruptly.  This morning I went out to startmy neglected Envoy and - it wouldn't start.  Wouldn't chug. Wouldn't light up.  And - to make matters worse - the ignition key would not come out. Harry, my knight in shining Armor-all went to fetch his "Mechanic's Set" of Tools - Craftsman, of course - and removed my battery.  Driving the .1 miles to the local hardware store we are told that not only did my battery die -but that it then froze.  Leave it to me to kill and freeze a battery in a 2007 model car!




gazker said...

Oh Holly, did you have to take a pic of Harry's tongue?................ Dare I say it? No wonder you have a smile on your face!

princesssaurora said...

Jeez!  I wouldn't think it possible!  Well, Harry looks adorable on the snow and in his sneakers...

be well,

tenyearnap said...

Wait a minute...froze? In West Virginia? Hmmm, that's weirder than Harry's shoe fetish.

amy122389 said...

::cacklechoke::  Pocket sized grandma....hee hee hee....I had one of those...


therealslimemmy said...

lol sounds like somethign i'd do with the car i'm always doing something ;)
love you guys snow climbing outing in the parking lot too funny
hope you have a good night