Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Day Two

Day Two of Freedom has been a bit slow.  I've only cleaned up in the kitchen, found my coutertops and ran a load of dishes.

I'm hesitant to do much more before my 2:45 doc's appointment to have my lady parts checked!  This yearly exam thing is really too much - I mean - if we can do AIDS home tests why can't we be given a q-tip and a "beautiful" paper gown to wear at home and just mail it in?  Really - why can't the gyno have a drive thru?  Cindy and I have been discussing this for the past few days and we've decided that the doc is really just a middle man (or woman) who's there just to laugh at us in drafty gowns.  Hmph.

I got my car back yesterday - this was the second time that it's been put in for 4 wheel drive malfunctions!

Harry took it in a few weeks ago and was given this to drive:

I took it in yesterday and was given this:


"Hey, babe! I'm driving a Titan!" I squealed into my pink cell phone as I drove down Route 60.

"It's a Tie-ton - not a Tit- on," he explained.

"It's a truck! I'm driving a truck!"

"How come they give you a big truck to drive and they gave me a freakin' Malibu?" he whined.

"I don't know - but I like it!"

Hee hee - Harry turns 27 tomorrow! Be sure to leave a comment wishing him well since he reads my blog every day (mainly looking for stuff that he said "you better not blog about this!"). 




dpoem said...

Happy Birthday, Harry.  Sorry to hear your wife is driving around in a big, manly truck while soiling it with her girly, perfume smell.  You might want to let the dealer know that they should probably just paint the truck pink after she's done with it.


gazker said...

Holly, I don't think you should talk about gyno's and drive thru's in the same sentance, you nearly gave me a cardiac arrest, cos I miss read it! Phew, I though you were trying to tell us something for a minute!

G ;-0

oddb0dkins said...

Happy birthday Harry. Hey, that Holly woman has been telling us ALL about you. We know EVERYTHING! B.

therealslimemmy said...

LOL they always give me better cars too
hope you have a good day doc apps like that are never fun though : /

princesssaurora said...

Cool!  Obviously, Harry asked you that question already knowing the answer in his heart.... Blonde haired blue eyed big booby girls ALWAYS get the best stuff!!!!!

Yeah, the gyno sucks...

be well,

tenyearnap said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY! Gee, I feel like I know you...waaaaay more than I ought to--hee hee.--Cin