Monday, February 19, 2007

Is it Hot in Here?

After much reluctance on my part, I decided that I kinda, sorta really did want to see "Ghost Rider" with Nick "I Shoulda Been Superman So I'll Name My Poor Kid 'Cal El'" Cage.

I hate going to see movies on opening weekends because three things always happen. 

1.  People who do not understand the "45 minute" rule.  One must arrive to a movie at least 45 mins early to assure that all popcorn has been purchased, all bladders have been emptied and prime viewing locations have been chosen.  At least 50 inconsiderate oafs strolled in during the previews and then do the Piggy Tango on your feet trying to get to the only four empty seats left in the entire theater. 

2.  The aforementioned Piggy Stompers then bring in their own beverages.  Now, don't get me wrong - I think it's perfectly acceptable to sneak in a fifty cent can of Pepsi just so you don't have to pay the $8 for a glass full of ice and teeny bit of soda that the film industry offers its patrons, but these little punks next to us pulled out a fifth of something and started dividing it up.  And then they talked all through the movie.  It's hard to care about a tragic superhero with a head-o-flames while drunkard teens are outwardly ogling Eva Mendes' jiggly parts.

3.  I beg of you to educate others on my last pet peeve.  If you, or a friend, are heading to see a relatively new movie, please anticipate the close quarters and PUT ON SOME FREAKIN' DEODERANT!!!  I was downwind from a rather stinky individual for the duration of this movie and at least three others I can think of.  I'm pretty sure he's been following me - staying just out of nose-reach until he can trap me in a theater.  I may have to demand Marquee Cinemas to start doing flask checks and pit checks before every new movie. 

But, yeah, I liked the movie and I think that anyone looking for a good movie without having to put too much thought behind  plot lines would thoroughly enjoy "Ghost Rider" - but ye have been warned...

People are stinky.  People are rude.  And when these stinky and rude people arrive in the crowded theater - they WILL chose the seat next to you.  It's our curse as nice people.  We're like "Ghost Rider" in that way.  You know - without the 1,000 BTU noggin...



stetsonsfyre said...

I want to see it, baaaaad. But Cindy doesn't, plus movies are just so darned expensive anymore (sigh) so I will have to wait till it comes out of DVD to watch it. Bummer  (pout inserted here).  I agree about the rude people, I hate it.  And I will and have gone & complained to the manager about inconsiderate meatheads. Worse yet? cell phones ringing and people carrying on conversations during movies...makes me see red.  Hugz, Teresa

princesssaurora said...

LOL... yeah, movie etiquette has gone to crap lately!  lol  I will probably wait to see it on pay per view... but I do love Nick Cage

be well,

jmoqueen said...

LOL completely agree with all three :-)  Glad you managed to enjoy the film though xx


tenyearnap said...

I go to the movies only on weekday mornings. Just me and a few guys in trench coats.

gazker said...

Oh Holly, you just crack me up! Talking of bladders, I was on the tube when some tramp decided to empty his bladder in his already stickin trousers....... To say I gagged was not an over statement. There was no where to run as his fouls smelling wee dripped from his trousers onto the floor of the carriage!!!!
Oh and I agree with everything you say.
G x