Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Apples and Oranges...

Why is it that fruit is a generally accepted breakfast food, yet when one is seen chowing down on a scrumptuous veggie (let's say - a tomato the size of one's head) at 9 AM - it is generally frowned upon?

Who is out there deciding that some foods are only breakfast and some are only lunch?

Does that mean that I am forbidden to partake of the nectar of a peach if it is past 10AM?  Do I shun a blueberry if the sun is too high in the sky?

Nope - I am very unprejudiced against my choice of veggie or fruit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner - I beg all of you to follow suit and down the tyrrany that holds us, and our veggies, hostage!

(((Is it also wrong that the one time I saw the show "Veggie Tales" I was so hungry that I went to the fridge and chowed unabashedly on a piece of celery?  )))

Maybe I'm just a vegaholic.  :)

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