Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Stitch in Time... Will Not Do a Damn Thing...

Sewing is not for the weak-willed or faint of heart - and NO ONE BOTHERED TO FREAKIN' TELL ME THIS!!! I will freely admit that my level of patience and calmness could fit into a thimble on a good day - but even that seems massive in comparison to sweating profusely, staring at a needle and concentrating on sewing in a perfect straight line on imperfect, bumby fabric!

Needless to say, night two of the Sewing Sisters did not receive a standing ovation (although Phoebe tried - or else she was trying to eat some thread - I prefer the former rather than the latter).

We're getting better - and after sewing a few yards WITHOUT THREAD IN MY NEEDLE, breaking the bobbin twice and pricking myself with pins so much that I was starting to look like I had taken a free acupuncture session in the back of a supermarket - I tagged Summer and she sat down to sew.

Finishing off the last piece of fabric - she stuck her freakishly pale, long fingers down into the cocoon and began to turn it rightside out. She had flipped it about three inches when she held it out towards me, cocked her head to the side and said "It looks like a dog's penis when it's happy."

I stared at her as she wriggled it at me and then went back to turning it rightside out.

Yes. That's it. I was done for the night. However - I think anytime I look at the finished apron (if it ever is completed) I will think not of the hard time spent on the development of a lovely and useful piece of kitchen couture, but of "dog penis."

Thanks for that, sis.

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letmeslide18 said...

yay, new updates. i love it! :)