Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words...

This is my  hubby, on left, and his friends Mike and Trey. 

This was the evening I spent with them in Mike's basement - they played Halo on Xbox and tried to goad me into playing, too.  I refused.  Why?  Because they insist on naming me "Target" and always give me the "light red" armor and then proceed to blow me up, repeatedly.  Fun for them.  Not so much fun for me.   I think I may have killed one of them once.  Not coincidentally, it was Harry - and I relished that one, oh yes, relished it!

I am thinking of secretly practicing my Halo fighting skills while Harry is out of town.  I figure, I can get really good and then murder them all!  Problem is - my hand eye coordination is not as honed as theirs is.  They have spent years mastering the arts of hand coordination (giggle - had a bad thought with that one) and I have not.  I still may try though.  I've even thought of a name to replace "Target"  - "Darth Holly" - whattayathink?

Till we meet again - "Boys - Who's your daddy?!!!"  (get it?  It's like "Luke, I am your father" but modernized! hahahaah! Okay - well I thought it was funny! :) 


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hballs25 said...

Try as hard as you might, you will always be our little target in your light red armor, but don't worry we still love you.