Thursday, July 7, 2005

Terrorism Truths

Today on the news I heard that a string of bombings occurred in England - unlike the rest of the world - my first thought was not of Terrorists - but of Parisians. Were they so distraught over losing the Olympic venue that they were willing to bomb the heck out of their neighbors?

Don't really think so.

Too organized, and too, well, petty.

Why go after London's mass transits?

Why go after our planes?

Why don't these self-dubbed "geniuses'" (cuz you know that's what they call themselves) go after things that would really bring the country to it's knees?

Buy all the McDonald's of the world - change the fries to curly ones - without salt.

Procure all of the Walmarts - have them all close at 4pm.

Switch peak hours with free nights and weekends - watch as we all struggle to send calls.

Ban smoothies.

Take Frappacinos off of the menu at all Starbucks.

Remove pages 116-172 of the new Harry Potter book.

Raise oil prices to make gas a very expensive luxury... oh... wait a sec...




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