Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Boob of a Conversationalist

So - I joined this website - cuz everyone told me how much fun it was - you can find people you haven't seen since High School - and make new friends. Literally. You have to send people Messages that say "Holly would like to be your friend" and then that person - just like the "check yes or no box" from those wide-ruled notes from Elementary School - has to either "accept" you or "deny" you. Personally, I think they should have another boxed choice. One that says "Oh, HELL no," or something as equally eloquent as that.

So far - I have been propositioned, proposed to, proposed to have things done to me by different parts of the senders (obviously small) extremities ( I know cause I saw the picture) and asked insanely intimate questions about sex and my female parts. My favorite one was a guy who offered me all of his Navy personnel. I think he was meaning something else - but I chose to ignore it, and him.

What am I most upset about?

I have these wonderful, intelligent conversations with these really nice guys who seem to be into the fact that I can string words together in a rather pleasing order. And then, they ask me the inevitable question - "so - I know yer married - but - hey - how big are your boobs?" Ouch. My intellect has been thwarted by the twins in my sweater. As women, we are taught that men will always respond to a woman with big hooters - so if you don't have 'em -buy 'em - and if you have 'em - flaunt 'em. Well - I figured that since mine were not so visible on-line - not that they rival mountains or anything by any means - that I would be able to talk and have great convos with perfect strangers. Sigh. Big sigh.

When did making friends on-line become this hard?

Has it always been like this?

When did it switch from "G" rated to "NC-17" or worse, "XXX"?

Am I naive to think it was ever NOT a sexual predator's wet dream?

Oh well, I am still here, on-line, and fighting for pleasant conversations that do not, for once, include my cup size.

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letmeslide18 said...

why did reading that make me think i was watching some twisted internet episode of sex and the city? you write like carrie bradshaw.

and jeff said your cat looks like puke and he is on the couch gagging.

sorry. see you sunday! :)