Friday, November 14, 2008

Movie Moochers and Pesky People!

I saw the new "Bond" movie tonight.
I quite enjoyed it even though the evil couple next to me decided to insert their own running commentary!!!
Seriously, it was like a really bad version of "Mystery Science 3000"!

About mid-way through I was seething and barely able to sit still as I flung my chubby legs in the direction of the girl to my left everytime she opened her mouth to interject what was obviously such an important statement that couldn't be left until AFTER the flick, no, it had to be said RIGHT THEN.

You know these people. These are the ones who have to complain, loudly, about the line in the grocery store and then have the nerve to argue over a ten cent off coupon when they're finally at the head. They are the ones who ask the assinine questions just to hear themselves talk. The ones who can't let it go that their candidate lost and the ones who fill your inbox with the smiling angel emails that warn of your immediate death if you don't forward it on in 2.3 seconds.

I know these people.

I loathe these people.

So, as Bond knocked on the door to a beautiful Italian villa the woman next to me said, in a normal, non-hushed voice, "Oh - he was in the first movie!" I leaned over her, my breasts heaving, eyes wild and I clutched at the armrest and said in a loud voice "UH HUH!". I then nodded and grinned at her until she leaned away.

She didn't speak for the rest of the movie and scuttled away as soon as the screen filled with the credits.

So, if you are in line and you hear a loud couple complaining about the rude gal in the theater, yeah, that was me and - I'm sorry.

No. Not really.



Saltydawg said...

Last time that happened to me at the theater I just turned around and said shut the **** up. She did and EVERYONE was happy.
Gaz ;-)

Indigo said...

Some parts of the movie theatre experience I most definitely DON'T miss. Of course this backwards area I live in hasn't heard they've had the equipment out for years, to help hearing impaired people enjoy the theatre experience...So this did help soothe that bit of annoyance that I'm regulated to waiting until things come out on DVD. (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

Odds Bodkins. said...

There should be big red ejector buttons on the backs of cinema seats.

Hope the film was good.

B. x