Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kick me While I'm Down, Why Don'tcha?!

After recovering nicely from my oral surgery, I awoke this morning to find - my insides had been liquified by an ill-advised take out order from THE OLIVE GARDEN IN BARBOURSVILLE, WV!

It is now 1:20 pm and I've been up since 5:00am as a rainbow of colors have appeared of my own making. Not twenty minutes ago I THREW UP DOWN MY OWN SLEEVE. I knew better to recline in the chair and as I struggled to free myself - I didn't make it to the bathroom.

So I covered my mouth and sprayed the carpet and walls with nothing but regurgitated blood-red Gatorade.
I made it to the toilet a bit later only to move from it to the sink as a new problem presented itself inconveniently.

A change of clothes later and a reverse kool-aid stain around my mouth, I am back in my chair, sittting unreclined and gingerly as I wait for the 2 hour mark to approach so that I can check out what color makes an appearance from my innards.

Silver lining? It was every half hour!

Poor hubby had to scrub the carpet while I sobbed in my chair, but that's love, right????


Saltydawg said...

Oh my! If I only new what 'gatoraid' was? Are you sure it wasn't the drink that made you throw up?
How's the roasted veg pasta coming on?
Gaz x

Dan said...

Well, I was thinking about drinking the big bottle of fruit punch Gatorade in my fridge, but I may have to pass on that.

Now, go have some soup or something.

Indigo said...

I've never liked Koolaid or anything that resembled it...after this I will never change my mind either...

Hope your feeling better now hon. Paul had bad clams once and had the same reaction. I don't know what part of I wouldn't eat RAW clams from around this area he didn't understand....(Hugs)Indigo

Amy said...

Olive Garden is so good, and yet - i've gotten sick twice from there. Glutton for punishment, I am...

Try the lemon lime Gatorade. It's less staining. ;-)

Odds Bodkins. said...

I bet there were carrots! Doen't matter whether you ate them or not, there's always carrots!

B. x

Linda said...

Sorry your not feeling well! I do love Olive Garden though. Linda