Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feeling Better! And Dirtier!

Sooooo....  we all know I'm a dirty ol' woman, right?
I'm 30 - but still - old. 
Cougar-territory -I'm verging on here, right?
So why am I completely giggly over the video at this link?

Maybe because it has a video of an

Obviously - this is not suitable for work - but for those curious - go click.  
It's the real deal - so to speak...

:)  I would embed it here - but, well, I'm too busy re-watching it at the moment.   

Loved that play, I did...  
hee hee


Dan said...

Is Emma Watson 18 yet?

Call me Paul said...


The "upskirt" photos of her underwear, seen while she was exiting a car, hit the internets the day of her birthday...I've heard.

Odds Bodkins. said...

I'll pass, thanks. Haven't had my brekkie yet. But you go right on and enjoy. ;O)

B. x

Linda said...

Wow, that's all, just wow! Linda

Amy said...

aurgh...he's got a cute tooshie! I feel bad for looking. I'm older than you. Meh.

Holly said...

Ah - I've recruited you all to the League of Dirty Ol' Perverts.

:) hee hee