Sunday, November 2, 2008

How NOT to Make Pancakes

There's some fatal flaw in my chemistry that makes me repel against pain and assert a fierce sense of independence when I've been hurt or just been through a surgical procedure.

A few years ago I fell while on campus and broke my elbow, face and my front tooth. Even though I couldn't raise my right arm above my shoulders I still insisted on washing my own hair. Forty minutes later I had lathered up one side of my head and rinsed it out figuring that was good enough. I drove myself to work, blatantly ignoring the hands "at ten and two" rule that all good drivers follow and ran the cash register by using my left arm and asking people to bag their own designer impostor shoes. I made it work and therefore cemented my stubborn streak in place.

However, this morning when I decided I wanted to make pancakes I refused to let Harry help me. I grabbed the mix, the milk (only slightly expired) and an egg. Turning from the fridge I felt the egg fly from my hands as if it had decided to reclaim its birthright and land on the floor in a squishy yellow streak.

When Harry came running in a few seconds later he looked at me, calmly greasing up the griddle, and then to the eggy streak in the floor. Silently he began cleaning up my mess and then took over the pancake making festivities, slowly ushering me to the table and presenting me with first a happy face pancake man (I ate his eyes first) and a heart.

The moral of the story?
Don't try to make pancakes when you're hopped up on pain killers as you can accidentally egg your own house.


Dan said...

Umm... I probably shouldn't tell you that I made eggs benedict with an assfull of Vicodin this morning, huh?

I did break the yolk on one egg while I was putting it into a little dish on its way to being dumped into the hot, hot water, and then, as I was dumping the bad egg into the sink, I wound up tossing the dish into last night's soaking lasagna pan. So, I had to get a new little bowl since tomato sauce and Palmolive don't exactly work in the benedict oeuvre. But, that was the only challenge.

Oh! I also dropped a whisk which flipped off the stove and spattered me with a money shot of hot, but yummy, Hollandaise.

But, like I said, you get used to it. :)

Now, I'm off to cook a pizza!

Saltydawg said...

Ah yes this American tradtion of having pancakes for breakfast. Did youhave bacon and scrambled eggs with it too? Oops nobacon, I forgot.
Gaz xx

Linda said...

Holly I hope your feeling better, having wisdom teeth taken out is not fun! Linda

Holly said...

I"m alive. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!!