Friday, September 12, 2008

Surprise! My husband's a sneaky lil' bastard....

I awoke on the morning of my 25+5 b-day to the feeling of a man hand stroking my back and sleepily muttering "Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday..." Which, of course, is wonderful, but maybe not at 4:30am, hm?
Soon after the alarm goes off and I pop out of bed only to be accused of being the bestower of bad dreams as I had apparently forced Harry out of my life and into a studio apt in Boston in one of his few and far between dreams of active over-imaginationland.

Then comes a long day of phone calls and meetings which finally ended with me feeling very much my newly acquired 30 years.  

I went home, piled on some more eyemake-up in attempt to look more awake at dinner and dragged myself to Harry's car.   He'd already made us late by forgetting to lock the door and  having to go back and do it again and then he was pulling up in front of "Blackhawk" (hee hee) and taking his time parallel parking.  

I snapped.  "Oh forgodsakes!  Go up there! Park up there!  No wee-wawing into a space just GO UP THERE!"  Which he did since I was the birthday girl of cheer (or something).

We walked into the restaurant and ran into our neighbors and chatted for a bit while Harry kept tugging on my arm.  Seriously - if my purse would've been heavier I would've socked him with it.  Repeatedly.  And with chubby-girl gusto.

Finally the hostess takes us through the front room, the second room and kept walking to the back room. I was BEYOND annoyed.  There were PLENTY of other seats in the other rooms where I could sit and eat my bday steak but NOOOOO lil' miss "I buy my pants at the kid's store cuz my ass is THAT tiny" had to take us all the way to the BACK.

Harry lagged behind and as we stepped through the threshold I noticed my very tall friend Mike standing there.   I turned around to ask Harry if he knew Mike and Meghan were going to be here when the ENTIRE ROOM ERUPTED INTO SONG and pretty much added another twenty years to my already aging heart.  

As my closest friends, family and loved ones sang me a "Happy Birthday" - I just kept repeating "Well - HI!"  
I was shocked.
I think I almost ran at one point.

We ate like kings, made fun of each other, ate some more and had a wonderful time.

Apparently Harry had been planning my Surprise 25+5 birthday since June.   He had a cake made from my favorite local baker (with 25+5 on it) and special menus at each place setting (with 25+5 on them).  My steak was like butter, my cake was like a dream, and my Harry was the man of the hour.

A sneaky lil' bastard of a man, but still...

                  (This is the front entry of Blackhawk)


sangrialel said...

What a wonderful man that  Harry is!  Linda

gazker said...

Oh Holly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (ok, so it's belated). See? Not all men are from the dark side of the moon!
Hugs to you, Gaz xxx

psychfun said...

I found out about my 30 & 40th surprise parties ahead of time. My mom can't keep a secret! HA!

psychfun said...

Oh & Happy Birthday!

So whatcha get?

amy122389 said...

awwwwwwww.....that is so sweeeet!!!  You guys make me ill.  LOL


oddb0dkins said...

Way to go Harry. Wonder what he's planning for your 25 + 15th?
Glad you all had a good time.

B. x

lazarai said...

Happy Birthday, Holly!! And kudos to Harry for pulling that surprise off on you. Very cool. :)