Friday, September 19, 2008

Help - I'm stuck.

Harry left yesterday to do a week-long (weekend-included) detail in Whothefrickcares, WV and now I'm all by my lonesome. 

So far on this Friday of Loneliness, I've learned:

1. Three-day-old Fettucine Alfredo does not stand up well to microwaving.   The resulting cakey goo would be better suited for replacing mortar in most brick and mortar houses, leaving only the slight smell of cheese for the inhabitants.

2.  Reading the end to a wonderful book that evokes tears upon the flipping of its last page is never a good idea to the perpetual lonely ones.    But, if you're feeling brave, go buy "Love Walked In" by Maria De Los Santos" and try NOT to sob a bit - k?  Unless you're made of stone (or three-day-old fettucine) and then - never mind.

3.  Have a plan in mind for the dinners to come so that you don't end up sitting in your kitchen, hastily typing on your old laptop and wondering if a Cherry Pepsi and a handful of nuts could really constitute enough for a "dinner."

4.  Be well aware that the weekends of weekends past that seemed to speed by on a dead-heat race to end will now mock you cruelly as Friday night seems never-ending.  

5.  Coming home to a dirty house that could be dusted, cleaned, straightened, mopped and vacuumed is really not worth the time it would take away from moping.  :)


                                   (oh yeah - and now I'm eating a pot pie!)




gazker said...

Hmmmm, that looks like it's made with all the healthy ingredients on the planet....I spy some Alfredo sauce in there.
Gaz ;-)

amy122389 said...

pshht - that's not a pot pie!  That's a pate au poulet!!  LOL

erm.  maybe you could have added a little milk to that alfredo?  ;-P


oddb0dkins said...

I can't believe you're not out there with your pals, whooping it up and having a high old time with the girls!
Where's that joi de vivre? The old get up and go can't have gotten up and gone at the tender age of 25 + 5!!

B. x

sangrialel said...

I read somewhere else that that book was a real good one also.  I think I am go ing to have to get it now.  Linda