Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Hollydays and Hollyweek to meee!

Today is the Sunday before my birthday which means that I get allllll this week (up until Thursday) to be alllll about me!

And I'm starting it off with ordering something from this fun website!!  I love it!

I like the smelly pencils, the PlayDoh cologne and the men with balls magnets!

AND I like the toast clock, too!

This place is too fun (even if it wouldn't let me paste pictures into my blog!)

Any suggestions as to what else I should order?!

Happy Hollydaze!!!!


oddb0dkins said...

Oh, I thought the towel holders were sooo you.
Have a good week. (My sympathies to Harry)

B. x

plittle said...

Well, there is the candy bra and g-string set...

psychfun said...

Cool Site!

gazker said...

Clears throat and coughs politley. How old will you be?
Gaz ;-)

beckiepainton said...

happy birthday! beckie x

sangrialel said...

Happy Hollydaze to you too!  Linda