Friday, September 19, 2008

Like Mother and Lord Help Us, Like Daughter...

  Sorry it's so small  - I've yet to master my scanner... :)


dpoem said...

Don't worry.  They get bigger as they get older.  

(nyuk nyuk nyuk)

gazker said...

I heard that Harry muttered those words on your wedding night ;-) pmpl
Gaz xxxx

dpoem said...

Reminds me of a story, Gaz.  

A guy picks up a smoking hot chick in a bar, takes her back to his place, throws her on his bed and takes his pants off.

"Who are you going to please with that?"  She asks when she sees his little tool.

"Me," the man answers happily.


(Are you laughing now, Holly?)

summerthyme1221 said...

I am not eating her arm in that last pic