Thursday, April 24, 2008

Laryngitis ?

Last night I sat in bed, hot laptop in lap and grimace on face while I plugged away writing my articles for the little publication to which I contribute, monthly, a humor piece and a book review. 

Okay, fine, I revamped an old blog and chose to cop out on the book review by telling the greater tri-state area to be lazy and pick up a paranormal chick lit anthology by MaryJanice Davidson, but still!  Brainpower was sacrified for the greater good!

Or so I thought.

Turns out the paper, VoiceboxX, went out of business and I received a short "thank you" in my INbox this morning.   True, the article-writing thing had gotten old since the last time I actually saw a paper copy of the darn thing was back in 2007 and the occassional glaring typos were enough to make me cringe but it was still something to do.  Something fun and - well - I was out there. 

And now I'm not. 


Okay, gimmie a week to wallow and I'll find something else to get into.  

Any suggestions?   

2 comments: said...

You could sell meth.  Or, test drive SUV's.  Or, you could work for the West Virginia Bunny Clubbers' Union (Local #363).  

On the other hand, you could always keep writing, find an agent, and publish, publish, publish.  


oddb0dkins said...

Don't give up, some people are destined for more than fifteen minutes of fame.Now you've had a taste I'm sure you'll find something else.

B. x