Tuesday, April 29, 2008


First of all - in case you missed your daily dose of amazement and belief in sheer raw talent, take a listen to this kid:



Second of all, I must share with you the course of my father's day on Monday.   First, as he was helping a friend of the family move deck furniture from the lower level to the upper level, the back of the metal chair swung down and knocked him square in the forehead. 

Twenty minutes (and more than a few chosen curse words) later he was in the yard looking for his lost lawn equipment: "Drema!  Where'd I put the rake?  Hey!  Did you see where I put the RA-"  WHAP!  Dad had stepped on the upturned spikes of the rake and pelted himself in the face with the pole as it swung upward in a comical arc.   Mom told me later, when she could breathe between fits of laughter that my poor father's day did not end there.   Later, at work, he moved the chain that blocked the entrance to his place of work to allow a truck to get by.  As he grinned and waved them though, the large pole toppled over and smacked him in the back of the head and shoulder.

The best part of the story was when he and mom had come over to my house for dinner last night and I asked "Hey, mom?  Why is there a quarter-sized bruise on dad's forehead?"

:) I love my daddy.  Even though whenever we go through a drive thru he will insist on yelling "Can I get nuts on that cheeseburger?!"   And he likes to wear shirts that depict stick figures pointing to large lipstick prints on their behinds.  And that he once called me during a really busy day at work to tell me, in the middle of winter:  "Hey, hey... Holly... I just fell in the pool."

:)  I guess we all  have our gifts.   Some, like opera boy above, are natural and wondered at.  Some, like the ability to be hard-headed like my dad, well, those are just as natural and wondered at, too.


oddb0dkins said...

I sympathise with your dad entirely, I have whole weeks that go like that. I have trodden on a rake so many times in the past that I now obsess as to where it is when I'm gardening.

B. x

beckiepainton said...

dads are meant to be goofy, thats what make them sooo great :) beckie x

plittle said...

Be thankful that your Dad's always gonna have that hard head. Young Andrew Johnston's voice is gonna change.

tenyearnap said...

Your Dad is very talented. For his birthday, you can get him a helmet. And a life jacket.