Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blow Me

After a particularly torturous evening of walking the aisles of Wal-mart (a horrible task that no one who hasn't committed a heinous crime should ever  have to do) Harry and I turned our buggy into the check-out aisle.  
I noticed that the "impulse buys" that lined the aisle had changed slightly.  Along with the candy bars, Bic lighters, gift cards and cookies, one can now buy antiseptic hand cleaner and KY lotion.  That's right.  You can clean your hands and get right down to bidness all by shopping at your local Wal-mart.
To my left was a wall of candy.
I grabbed a green box off the shelf and thrust it toward Harry's shiny one.  "Look at this!" I yelled while shaking the box in his face. 
"This is gross!  What were they thinking?!" 
"I dunno..."  Harry ignored me while continuing to pile our groceries on to the dirty black conveyor belt. 
"It's gum!  It's gum with a <gag!> chocolate center!!! Are they trying to out-gross each other?!"  I looked back at the box with the bursting chocolate center and wondered at the horrors of the flavor combo it held. 
"That's just - wrong..." 
"Yeah," Harry agreed while he continued to single-handedly empty our filled-to-capacity buggy.
I put back the green box and then dug around in my Kate Spade purse until I found my pack of gum.   I needed to get the chocolate-mint gum flavor taste out of my head.  
So I chewed some Orbitz Bubble mint.  Which tastes not unlike Pepto-bismol.



dpoem said...

Mmmm...  Mint-chocolate...  umm... chew?  


beckiepainton said...

gum and chocolate, dont you chew gum to stimulate your teeth to sort of a cleanse, what plonker thought adding chocolate tot he mix makes this any better,the plank.Beckie x

sanguinelioness said...

Can I just say....the picture on the box alone stimulates the gag reflex! Does anyone else see it? It's just poopie!

oddb0dkins said...


amy122389 said...

You know I'm going to have to try it now.  I've never seen it.  LOL

I've tried Chocolate Cherry Diet Dr Pepper (which tastes like a liquid Tootsie Roll) and Wildly Cherry M&Ms (<gag>) why not some choco-mint gum... I'll just pretend it's a Girl Scout Thin Mint....heh....


tenyearnap said...

The picture on the box is very Roadkill. Gut splatter burst gum.

plittle said...

And yet, mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of my favourite flavours...