Monday, January 7, 2008

Feeling better, now?

Although I have tried many times to post a new blog - I just couldn't do it. 
No, not because I was upset, or even still healing (which is half true) but mainly because my new mac wouldn't let me! 
I really wanted to call up that cute scrawny kid from that Movie "Accepted" and yell at him in a very deep and threatening voice "Let my postings go!"  Every single time I would try to post something, anything, my nice desktop would freeze and the large apple at the bottom would mock me.  

I was mocked by an apple.

Finally, good ol' Cindy finally clued me in that, surprise surprise, my new mac and AOL journals were not exactly on peacemaking terms.
So, I downloaded a new explorer thingy, configured my new black classic Ipod that is oh  so sleek (and only, like, 1% full!) and now I come to my final task:  I will now post a blog:

Lying on my back, a couch pillow propped behind me and a sweltering hubby behind that, I started to feel peculiar.  Sitting up, I ran a finger along my lips and then down to my racing heart. 
"I feel funny," I said as Harry shot up, pillow be damned, and started rubbing my back.
"Are you okay?"  he said, his voice full of concern and love.  "Do you need to take your panties off?"
I cracked up.
"So - lemmie get this straight - when I feel weird - I need to immediately remove my panties and - what?  I'll feel better?" 
"No.  Yes.  I mean, you said they were bothering you! So...  do you need to take your panties off?"

So new rule of - ahem - thumb.   If you've tried Tylenol, IcyHot, Ibuprofen and even an Alka-Seltzer - then you might as well try the ol' panty removing technique!   Four out of four husbands swear by it!

(that's me at my new mac!)

As a sidenote and one that is very serious: thank you to all of you who have sent such kind words and wishes our way - we really couldn't have gotten through the ickiness of what happened without you all.   Someone once asked my why I bothered to blog.  They sneered and wrinkled their nose "you can't even call those people your friends!"
I didn't even bother to tell them how incredibly wrong they were and still are...

11 comments: said...

Where are the glasses?  Where are the awesome, super-cool, Holly glasses?!?  

Does removing your panties improve your eyesight?  


P.S.  Good to see you again.  

tenyearnap said... are all purple-y and pink and fluorescent and stuff. Cool!

princesssaurora said...

{{{ Holly }}}}  Good to see some words from you, and especially good to see your face.  You look good.  As I said before, I have been there.  It is hard.  I am glad your ol' j-land friends did help bear some of the burden for you.  

I hope your apple behaves now... lol  The panty cure... huh.  My hubby tries that one all the time too.  lol

be well,

dragoneyes1164 said...

Missed you friend!:) Glad to see your back.

beckiepainton said...

oh great, please dont tell my other half this, any excuse and all that.Aernt computers a pain in the arse, we tried to set up a wireless internet, grr! i nearly pulled my hair out!And we are all your friends, youz look great at your new mack! Beckie x

lazarai said...

Hahaha....good to see you back here, along with your sense of humor!! :) My husband has tried that cure on me, too. HE felt better, not me. ROFLMAO

:) Carol

amy122389 said...

My husband thought the panty removing technique worked, too!  Until I gave him The Face.  Yes, you know.  THE Face.  Live in fear, husband o' mine.  Hee...

You look beautiful in that picture, and now I must hate you.  Or I could just be jealous.  Either one.

::hug hug hug::

~Amy said...

" Comment from dragoneyes1164

Missed you friend!:) Glad to see your back."

Well, you may be glad to see her back, but I'm more glad to see her front (even without the Magic Holly Glasses of Supreme Hollyness).  


shininggoober said...

I'm glad you're back Holly. Darn macs.   I laughed out loud at the panty thing lol.  You seem to be in good spirits!  Take care... Donna in Oklahoma  

oddb0dkins said...

Welcome back. I'm glad you're feeling better. And thank hubby for the tip, the next time I get ill I'll take my panties off.
B. x

jmoqueen said...

I'm glad you are ok :o)  Love the pic