Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stumbling Down Memory Lane.

It's one thing to see someone at the mall, behind the wheel of a horrific mini van or jogging down the street with certain appendages absent ten years ago and flash back to those care-free yet horribly angst-ridden days of High School.
This was me in High School:
    I'm the one in the middle who should've known better than to mix a bright red dress with equally bright red lips resting upon metallic orthodontic braces.

The gal on my my left is Amanda - who owned the entire "Limited" clothing store collection our senior year.  The gal on my right is Melanie, a gal I still think of as my doppleganger and the only one who may remember a foggy night, on a hill, the middle of nowhere and a man tapping on the window:  "Ya'all seen my coon dog?"
We hadn't.
And we grabbed our selective menfolk and hightailed it down the dirt road just in case the man did find his coon dog.  And hook.

But, like always, I digress.  

I was reading a book last night but glancing at the tv, too so I could see when the weather man would come on to tell me of the rain/snow/wind/cold that was impending when I saw someone I knew.  It was a guy I briefly dated, mistakingly, in high school.   He was being lead away in handcuffs.
Ya know - it's hard to see an ex getting married, having babies, moving away - but it's downright shocking to see one being arrested on local television.
For robbing a Dairy Queen.

Have a good weekend everybody! 

5 comments: said...

Hey!  When a man wants a Dilly Bar, there's just no stopping him (I personally like the red ones).  

It could have been worse...  You could have been watching porn.  


amy122389 said...

Girl, you have gotten more beautiful.....

I can't blame your felon ex.  Sometimes I get pretty desperate for a Blizzard, too.


oddb0dkins said...

I know some ex's who SHOULD be locked up!
I like the red, but then, I'm funny that way. ;O)

B. x

gazker said...

I dunno what's worse, an in being led away in handcuffs, or a husband who has a penchant for orange undies!
Gaz ;-)

dpoem said...

Oh yeah...  Holly in red?  

Raaawrrr...  Seeeeexy...

Or, as they say in WV:  "I am slobberin' over that like a baby over a bucket o' chitlins."