Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Stop it, Already.

I am sick to death of reading of celebrities taking that final plunge into nutzoid land and dying!   I mean, what in the freakin' world could be so bad about fame, forture and notoriety.  I would give up my handbag collection (gasp!) for HALF of the achievements that these 'dorable dudes just flush away because they're ready to be all dead and stuff. 

Case in Point #1:  Jonathan Brandis

         He was one of my favorite teen crushes and I followed his career through the good, the bad and the ugly.  He was the reason I wanted to become a writer.  I wrote in to a magazine to defend his title as the "cutest boy EVER" and they published my letter. I was hooked.  On both cute boys and writing.    Few years later he hangs himself at his apartment.  

Case in Point #2: Brad Renfro:
      Loved the movie "The Client" and although he made some questionable theatrical and personal choices following his claim to fame - he was always amazing and eerily not unlike his pouty-lipped doppleganger River Phoenix.

Case in Point #3: Heath Ledger
    And finally, the man who made me believe that gay cowboys could love, bitchy girls could love and that knights really do still exist - Heath Ledger.   Although I am more of a fan of his earlier work in "10 Things I Hate About You" and "A Knight's Tale" I was looking forward to seeing how they transformed his cuteness into a joker of the Batman variety.  I'm not sure whether or not his death was drug related as Mr. Renfro's undoubtedly was, but either way it truly is a shame. And me, being the bleeding heart girly girl that I often am can't help but think about his 2 year old daughter.  Being the offspring of a celebrity isn't exactly easy, I'm sure.  But being the kid of a star who tragically died too soon rarely works out well. 
Just look at Lisa Marie.   


beckiepainton said...

just goes to show all the money in world cant make you happy.Beckie x

oddb0dkins said...

Yep, it's the ones left behind that count the cost.

B. x

gazker said...

It's a shame, shame shame........... I was gutted when I heard about Heath.
Gaz xx